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Tara just launched our new sister company - herfaHOME  - her new spinoff collection of vintage rugs & carpets, pillows, and other surprises for your boho home.  A curated mix of beautiful rugs is now currently on sale on the website with a special introductory discount (it's on the main page of the site). Free shipping in the U.S.A.

"For a while now I have been dreaming of launching a marketplace where I can curate gorgeous, handmade textiles to share with others. herfaHOME is my first exploration into this dream. The Middle East (and Turkey and Morocco) is well known for its generous hospitality, amazing food, and deep rooted culture. People here have shown us so much love, respect and security and that is the feeling we want you to have when you bring the rich heritage of handmade pieces into your home," exclaims Tara.

Please visit & follow the HerfaHOME website, Facebook, and Instagram pages and stay tuned for more news.