Hello! I'm Tara and I'm the wife part of Herfa Heritage our urban embroidery apparel brand (check us out in the link ☝🏼). HerfaHOME is a new curated collection of floor art.  We will focus on hand loomed, vintage rugs and carpets plus some surprises for your boho home. 
I'm obsessed with vintage rugs. Luckily, from living in the Middle East and traveling throughout the region over the years, I've been able to grow a collection of gorgeous designs from our adventures. For a while now I have been dreaming of launching a marketplace where I can curate a collection of handmade textiles to share with others. HerfaHOME is my first exploration into this dream. The Middle East is well known for generous heapings of hospitality, amazing food, and deep rooted culture. We enjoy sharing our love for this region with others and hope to share a story of love and peace from these lands that we think don't get enough positive airplay. People here have shown us so much love, respect and security and that is the feeling we want you to have when you bring the rich heritage of these handmade pieces into your home. May your home be richly blessed, warm and full of love and light. Thanks for stopping by.