Most of our pocket and patch designs are curated by Herfa Heritage based on and utilizing traditional Middle Eastern styles and motifs, which are often of Palestinian origin. They are hand-embroidered by Jordanian & Syrian women in their homes throughout Jordan in collaboration with the Bawabet Al-Sharq and Tribalogy women's cooperative workshops. The three Tribalogy collaboration pockets are designed by Mei Hayashi and are more of a modern take on embroidery.

Shirt and hoodie pockets are approximately 9.5cm wide by 11.5cm in height at the bottom point. Hat patches are larger - approximately 11.5cm wide by 9cm in height at the point. The unique pointy design is thanks to sweet Herfa style, but is also partially due to the embroidery cross-stitch sizing limitations.

Every single piece of embroidery is handmade and unique; it will feature the design you pick with main colors featured in the photo, but may include additional colors and small design tweaks. This is the Middle Eastern tradition.

Each pocket design is named after an amazing city, historical or tourism site, and/or a beautiful place in Jordan - inspired by its colors and/or design elements (ie designs are made in those locations). We are trying to promote Jordan and this is one of the ways we do it! Note that some pockets only come on black or white fabric and some come on both - see the graphic below.

An incredible new addition - the BLUE TRI-BLEND shirt!

An incredible new addition - the BLUE TRI-BLEND shirt!


For custom orders, you will pick one Herfa patch design, pick the background patch color (black or white), pick the gender for the shirt cut, and then pick the type of shirt (t-shirt, v-neck, long-sleeve, or tank top), unisex zip-up hoodie, or snapback hat.